LEDE 17.01.0 vs Windows 10 mobile DHCPV6

Hi, I've two identical Windows phones here, one running 8.1, the other running 10. Each is at the latest patch level. The latter phone fails to acquire a DHCPV6 lease from dnsmasq/odhcp.

DHCP syslog debug output and packet capture shows some signficant differences in the behaviour of the two clients.

What I'm seeing may of course be an issue with my server configuration that only reveals itself with Win 10.

I would be interested to hear from anyone else running Windows 10 mobile clients with LEDE.

DHCPv6 is broken on Windows 10 (and most likely Windows Phone 10 too).

It has been recognized by Microsoft but I guess there is still no fix. Maybe they'll fix it for the Creator's Update.


Thanks, yes I'd seen numerous reports of recent issues with DHCPv6 on Win10 so I suspect it may well be the device.

TBH even DHCPv4 isn't working quite how I think it should on this phone, as it omits DHCPDISCOVER and just issues a DHCPREQUEST.

A bit poor really..

I can confirm that this is fixed on the lastest Windows 10 "Creator's Update".

Windows Phone will get the update at the end of april.

Thanks, actually I re-installed the phone (a Lumia 830) about three weeks ago which took it to build 10.0.14393.953 (current version of 1607).

After this IPv6 DHCP was working OK.

Fortunately, as my latest information is the Lumia 830 will never get 1703, only 'current models', plus 640 & 640XL.