Latest stable release drops internet wan on linksys wrt1900acs

Hi folks,

Would appreciate some first thoughts about shacking out an intermittent loss of the WAN internet connection with my LYNKSYS WRT1900ACS V2. I am running and r11257-5090152ae3

I have run DD-WRT many years. It took a few months to shake it out too.

Once or twice per day, the OpenWRT loses the internet connection. I can connect to everything else on my network both 2.4G, 5.0G and ethernet connected. It does annoy everyone watching TV via a Chromecast because the devices stay in touch with Google.

I have noticed that pings to when connected are erratic. I am fios connected so sub 10 ms is the norm. But at least one in 10 and more frequently one in four pings will be an outlier, 40 - 80 ms.

Thank you for helping me get started trouble shooting this.

Does the WAN lamp blink like “mega much”when this happens or does it blink very slow?

Another thing I made a mistake with in the beginning was to have static IP leases inside the DHCP IP range. That gave this outage every 12h when the IP loans was renewed.

Is it the same time every day this problem happens?

This might be of interest: