Latest Hostapd

How would one build an openwrt image with the latest version of HostADP? It looks like the last released hostadp was 2019-08-07 - v2.9

I would like to build a new images with the latest code in Hostapd as there have been many patches since then.

I see shows


Do I just change these values to the latest? Where do I find the latest? If anyone could give an example that would be great. I am new to git and doing all of this.

Openwrt (in master snapshot) is already pulling newer source than the last release, last update to the "source link" was in 2021/05/22 as seen in PKG_SOURCE_DATE and in the commit that mostly updated the package to its current state
and this that just bumped the release after that

the PKG_SOURCE_VERSION is the ID of this commit in hostapd

This is the list of all commits in hostapd where you see it, on their git web interface

So OpenWrt is building Hostapd taking the source code at that point in time, and then applying custom patches from the patches folder to enable some features they need.
If you change this to point to a newer hostapd commit you need to check and update the custom patches too.

in next release, the 21.02, OpenWrt is using Hostapd sources from 2020/06/08, see that release branch on github

As long as you are using a supported OpenWrt release you should be already using a secure Hostapd, while the more or less latest hostapd is in master branch.

So if for some reason you need to build latest hostapd in an older release you can probably just copy the whole folder of this package from master branch to its folder in the build system of release 19.07 or 21.02.