Latest git master: RPC error, luci/getFeatures object not found

WRT1900AC v1 (mamba)

  1. I get this error with a build of latest git master (r16596). The error appears as a red bar above all luci pages. Some of the pages have aditional errors and won't load page contents.
    Is this a bug or is there something missing in my build?
    The usual suspects: luci-mod-rpc, ubox, ubus, ubusd, rpcd, rpcd-mod-* are all included in this build.
RPC call to luci/getFeatures failed with error -32000: Object not found
  at .handleCallReply (https://<ip:port>/luci-static/resources/rpc.js?v=git-21.113.40358-d66b5bb:11:1)
  1. Wifi doesn't work at all and there are two more wifi interfaces that I can't remove.

  2. Luci doesn't work without luci-mod-rpc, but that is not a dependency for luci-base.

Did you ever figure out what was causing this?

Are you suggesting here that the fix was to install luci-mod-rpc?

I'm running on 22.03.2 and getting a similar error for luci-mod-upnp, but everything else seems to work. luci-mod-rpc was not installed (while things were working). I installed luci-mod-rpc hoping that it would fix the issue with luci-mod-upnp, but it had no effect. So apparently point 3 is currently incorrect and luci-mod-rpc is not needed.

Yes, see , last comment.
But my issue was on all Luci pages, not just upnp.

Thanks for the response and issue link. I figured out my issue was unrelated and I needed to do service reload rpcd. I wonder if your issue is only relevant for OpenWRT snapshot, because I do not see that issue and I do not have rpcd-mod-ucode installed.