Latency via openvpn

when i execute speedtest on computer it shows Ping 4-5ms and speed is 60/15, once i establish openvpn connection the ping is ~35ms, and speed 50/12

any idea why the ping is increasing such drastically? any chance to reduce that?


Because you are adding more hops to reach your destination via the vpn gateway.
You could select some vpn provider with endpoints closer to your location, but still it might not solve the problem.

well i have vpn server in country X and vpn client in country Y; so basicaly i run client/server. Basically to ping from host X to host Y it takes ~20ms, so still it adding 16ms somewhere.

seems that using my private vpn solution i wont be able to manage good connection with low ping response, correct?

If it's your own, try wireguard instead?

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Any VPN is adding overhead to encrypt/decrypt the content and depending on the router this can be negligible or quite a lot.

@trendy server/client are x86 computers with lot of CPU power.

i can try that. thx