Last stable OpenWrt - unstable connection from Android

I have strange issue with Android devices that connected to my TP-Link Archer C6U and last stable OpenWrt. They are losing connection every 10 minutes or so. Actually there is no sign that Wi-fi link was dropped, just internet connection doesn't work and I can't open any webpage. But internet connection recovers after some time. I don't have such an issue on my laptop and on my Iphone. So I don't know what can it be. I tried to move my Android-based music player next to the router but it didn't solve the issue. I would be glad for any ideas how to solve this.

try disabling the disassoc_low_ack
Should be available from web interface, in wifi settings.

It's a compatibility setting to be more friendly to less compliant wifi devices.

Didn't help :frowning: Maybe there are other settings I can try?

They are losing connection every 10 minutes or so.

By default openwrt has wpa_group_rekey set to 600 .
Based on things read in other places ( ) that value should be 600 for tkip and 86400 for ccmp.

Add the following line in the wifi-iface section:
option wpa_group_rekey '86400'
restart wifi, and see if things improve.

wpa_group_rekey is listed in WPA Enterprise here but it affects WPA PSK too.

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This didn't help either. And I measured time more thoroughly and it's around 5 minutes

Can you provide more details on wifi authentication ?
Please post your /etc/wifi/wireless with anonymized passwords/mac-addresses, and your used openwrt release (last stable = 21.02.0 ?)

I have OpenWrt 21.02.0 and strangely I can't find wifi folder inside my etc folder :roll_eyes:

  • Is this 5.4 GHz?
  • If so, what channel is set?

Ah, an MT7621 SoC with an MT7603E 2.4GHz radio and an MT7613BEN 5GHz radio, so the WiFi will indeed suck.

There are several open issues on MT76 regarding these 'loss of connectivity' issues, and unfortunately, they are not being addressed very quickly.
See this bug report for an example, as it is for your exact same hardware and similar symptoms, if you have any data to add to that issue, please do.

most openwrt config files are unified should be in /etc/config/ so he probably meant /etc/config/wireless

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Oh. Didn't know about this issue when I order it. Where can I see list of the hardware that works without issue and WiFi won't suck?

I'd love to see that list myself. For 19.07.x, not sure any qualify, even the old-reliable Archer C7 which was an awesome AP under LEDE 17.x went downhill with 18 and 19, and even 21.02.x seems to still have challenges.
Not sure why, but beginning to suspect that so many new 'features are being added to upstream and to OpenWRT that the stability/reliability has been lost.
I've reverted to using Pro-level APs with the stock vendor-supplied builds. Those are generally stable.

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