Lantiq XRX200 Automatic ADSL/VDSL Mode Switching


I'm looking to create a configuration for a semi-large custom deployment of OpenWRT, based on the Netgear DM200 hardware (Lantiq XRX200).

Some of our locations have ADSL and some of them VDSL.

Netgear's firmware, at least in the "wizard" auto-setup stage, allows detection of ADSL or VDSL on the line and auto-detects all of the required parameters.

I'm looking to create a config that will work for both ADSL & VDSL, auto-detected based on the line as it boots, applying custom config (for instance using a VLAN of 101 if VDSL, or no VLAN if ADSL), then adding it to a bridge.

It feels like it's going to take some custom scripting, but I'm struggling to make sense of "dsl_control" (, although it does reference both an ADSL and VDSL mode at the same time and I've seem reference to a multi-mode setup elsewhere online with vdsl_cpe_control.

Has anyone had any experience with this kind of thing that has any advice?


An update on this: wuhoo, it worked!

Most of it worked out of the box and after some tweaking, we managed to get some scripts together that do what we wanted.

It'll do automatic ADSL / VDSL detection and bridging for PlusNet in the UK, without any further configuration.

I used the image builder to create a custom image we could flash to the DM200s, so after that, they just work.

I also added a page to luci that we can pull the DSL statistics from as JSON, for monitoring from the router.

I'll post the modifications shortly.


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thank you for this, sadly I could not get your config working with the image builder for 18.06.1 so I have used the wiki to bridge the dm200 to my wdr4300

Apologies @hecatae , should have spent the time publishing a proper README, as I'm regretting it myself after coming back this a few months later!

Will get one sorted today, as just been back through everything to figure it out, after re-building the image for 18.06.2 - please check in on GitHub soon if you are interested.

I think the reason you may have struggled with the image builder is that I couldn't book in the firmware file for the internal Lantiq modem, as re-distribution isn't allowed, but I'll provide instructions on where I found it if I can.

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testing now

works fine

Also works with 18.06.5, currently testing with 19.07.0-rc1

Latest version forked is here:

works with 19.07.7