Lantiq/Intel VDSL support future status (vrx518 / SOS for the xrx200?)


Basically i'm wondering what the feeling is on DSL support in Openwrt. Obviously I understand that anyone can come and code a solution or provide a driver or package if they want to and that is completely fine with me, i'm aware that's an option, i'm mainly interested in whether anyone is working on something or has plans to.

Basically for quite a while i've had an issue with xrx200 devices and the Australian NBN, after messing around with firmwares commands and the like it seems to me that the issue may just be some kind of feature that isn't getting enabled because the device always seems to end up on a spiral downwards in line rate, upward rate adaption just doesn't seem to occur or is broken somehow.

How far away is support for the vrx518 ? Because I would consider purchasing devices if there was support and it worked, would donating devices to someone help ?

Is it possible for the xrx200 to support "Save our showtime" mode ? Would updating the DSL API do it ?

Or is DSL basically at legacy status at the moment ?