Lantiq - BTHH5A & TD-W9980 - Compiled from current master got this error in console... but everything is still ok, i guess?

Device BT HomeHub 5A and TD-W9980 (my old router, I tested also on this one because why not?)
Build: current master + pull/4326 + pull/4339 (but errors seems unrelated to those changes)
Errors in the logs:

kern.err kernel: [    1.076535] gswip 1e108000.switch: dsa switch register failed: -517
kern.err kernel: [    1.108528] pcie-xrx200 1d900000.pcie: failed to get the PCIe PHY

Everything works perfectly. Should I be worried?

Another question, is there a way to use the 5th RJ45 port (the red one) on the BT Home Hub router like the other "usual" (yellow) ports? my interface page looks like this:

As you see only lan from 1 to 4 are there.

I've the same error messages from a build of git master in June with DSA on a HH5a and it's running fine.

I've a VDSL connection and have used the (spare) red port to make a 5 port switch. Just configure the br-lan device as shown in your screenshot and add wan as a bridge port.

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