Lantiq board - Draytek 2830n

Not certain where this question should go. I just need a little help to figure out something that is confusing me. I am not asking how to install- I just cannot work out which firmware I need for a Draytek Vigor 2830n. I used to run openwrt many years ago about 2009 , on a sonic wall I think, or maybe some other hardware like a firebox ii. back then it seemed simple enough to install, so that isn't the problem.
My problem is that the more I read about Draytek Vigor and openwrt firmware the more I get confused . I have read this Draytek Vigor 2830n on the openwrt site, and looked into the downloads repository. I think my confusion stems from 3 things - on the openwrt page for draytek vigor there are two listings for the 2830n.
one says the system on chip is amazon and the other Danube/Danube-S platform.
Then when I look in the repository I see the file i think i might need, Easy 50712,
The reason I think that may be the firmware I need is because of the specifications on this page - note where it mentions 50712
My vigor has 3 wifi antennae 4 ethernet ports dsl wan ethernet wan and usb.

Please could anyone be kind and tell me if the software I believe is the correct one is actually the one I need to use?

There is the 2830n, and the 2830n Plus.

The model should be on a sticker somewhere on the device.

Thank you for replying
It is the 2830n.

Neither of these devices (nor any other draytek ones) are supported by OpenWrt (nor have ever been). As a 8/32 device (with quite a lot of flash- and RAM being lost to modem related firmwares as well), chances for this are minimal (technically non-zero, but support for lantiq chipsets prior to vr9/ VRX2xx isn't seeing much (any) development for years already, so expect quite some janitoring first). On the bright side, considerably better (but still low-end, by today's standards) lantiq vr9/ VRX2xx devices tend to be very cheap on the used markets - and do have full ADSL support (besides VDSL2+vectoring)).

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. I understand some of what you are saying but I dont understand why you say there is no support when the wiki appears to say there is. Perhaps someone could amend the wiki to make it more plain to people that, at the moment, there is no support for either lantiq boards made for draytek nor draytek compatible firmware. You say "technically non-zero" and the wiki appears to back that up, because, with much judicious searching and checking it would appear some of the openwrt lantiq firmware should actually fire up the draytek 2830n with openwrt . You obviously have more knowledge about router technology than me. I havent really delved into it like an expert would. I understand board numbers, manufacturers codes etc and how to determine what I am looking at, but the real stuff like "will this firmware work with this router" etc. That I am clueless about so I must take for granted what you say is correct. I tried all the lantiq firmware openwrt have but the router merely rebooted back into the draytek firmware. In this post I am merely iterating the points that, it would appear you are correct, and that someone who knows what they are talking about, as an expert, should alter the wiki to make a cast iron statement that the firmware for lantiq does not work on a draytek board even though lantiq made many boards for draytek