Language for OpenWrt? is there serbian?

I would love to have my routers on my lenguage,is that posibile and what to install if is? i hope it is i realy do ? please help who knows :slight_smile:


these is nice to see i hope you will maked serbian no mather latin or cyrilic also i loved cyrilic more but its ok

thanks frollic still theres hope i see :slight_smile:

not very likely, if you want to make it happen, you make it happen ...

ok i will while i have free time where to begin from what link? and second it what type of serbian openwrt allows me to translate latinic or cyrilic? from my side i i have enough time i can do both?

Translations are done on a voluntary basis.

Feel free to translate as much (or little) as you can.

You can ask them to add additional languages in the thread I posted, if it's not already there.

You can probably do both, if you feel like it, and got the hours to spend.