LAN zone cannot access the web from TG582n router


I just installed OpenWRT on an old but working TG582n that I wanted to repurpose as a nice open-source router. The installation went rather well (there is a very nice guide to hack the device) though I used an arduino-based flasher (here) but all went live correctly.
Following this I started configuring the router via the GUI (tutorial here). It all went well, except that the LAN does not have access to the web. From the GUI I can ping and I can download packages, but my laptop cannot access anything from the LAN side.
Here is a screen capture of the firewall config page, I accepted inputs for the wan zone to make this screen capture (this router was connected to my main router, so protected from outside).

No idea what is causing this issue after two days trying. Any help would be appreciated!

And here is a list of the interfaces.

I found the problem: this router does not support VLAN. Too bad...

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