LAN - WLAN - VLAN configuration

I have purchased an VoCore2+POE-Dock.Now I am unable to configure the device properly. Maybe someone can help me.

The prerequisites:
The VoCore2 should be integrated in an LAN with serveral VLAN's. One of the VLAN is "3". This is intended for connecting WLAN access points to one network. The LAN and VLAN's are managed by an central router. This router device provides VLAN's and services like DHCP, DNS, WAN-access (DSL) and others.
If I connect an different device (non OpenWRT), the device is configured properly and accessable from other VLAN's/ LAN.

What do I like to achieve?
The VoCore2 is connected to the LAN by cable on physical LAN-port. This LAN-port receives "normal" LAN (VLAN0) and VLAN3.
The VoCore2's WLAN should be configured as access point.
The physical LAN-port get an ip address etc. via DHCP from the router on "VLAN0" (static entry in router's DHCP).
The virtual LAN-port for VLAN3 is managed by DHCP from router (static entry in router's DHCP), too.
I like to bridge the VoCore2's WLAN to VLAN3. All traffic and requests should be redirected to the central router via VLAN3. All clients connected to VoCore2-WLAN get network IP's, access to internet gateway etc. via the router-device.
The "LUCI"- management website of VoCore2 should become accessible on "VLAN0" and "VLAN3" on physical LAN-port. Maybe via WLAN, too.

What I got now:
The virtual LAN-port "VLAN3" gets the IP address from router ( as shown in pic 0001.
But "eth0" on "VLAN0" is not receiving any IP from DHCP. But the DHCP is there! I can plug in the cable to another device and the IP address is associated.

Please,if anyone can guide me through the config process it would be nice. I am afraid to lock me out or brick the device by playing around with the config parameters......
What to do ext?

Thanks in advance

The first thing you should do is create an admin network which you can access by wifi so you don't lose connection while configuring the Ethernet. This network should have:

  • a static 192.168.X.1/24 IP where X is different from all of your other networks.
  • a DHCP server
  • a wifi AP
  • place in the lan firewall zone

Connect to the admin AP and confirm you can log in. You can remove this AP once it is working by Ethernet.

There is no such thing as "VLAN 0." Valid VLAN numbers are from 1 to 4094. I assume you mean untagged packets. Mixing tagged and untagged on the same cable does not work with all hardware / drivers and should be avoided when possible. Tag all VLANs leaving the main router.

In the switch have two VLANs 1 and 3 and both are tagged on the CPU port. Both would also be tagged on the trunk cable port, unless you're still trying tagged and untagged on the same cabel in which case VLAN 1 would be untagged on the cable. Use eth0.1 for the lan network and eth0.3 for the guest network.

Thanks for Your reply.
After I have damaged my Vcore-sample, I purchased some new one and made a new try.
Now I created the devices and managed the VLAN3-WLAN bridge to work. But the "VLAN1" / eth0.1 is not getting the IP by DHCP.....Why?

What is upstream of this device? Is there a DHCP server on VLAN 1? And is the upstream connection set to tag VLAN1 on the port that connects to this device?

Yes, of course, the VLAN1 ( network and DHCP-server exists on this cable/port! If I plug in the saem cable to my Labtop, this device receives an address. This is why I am concerned about this behavior of the OpenWRT/ Vcore- device.

Kind regards

In most cases, your laptop will expect untagged frames. Your OpenWrt device is expecting a tagged network.

What is physically upstream of your OpenWrt device? Is it a managed switch?

This was the trick! Thanks a lot!
I changed in "switch" - menu for "VLANID" 1 the entry on LAN (cable) from "zagged" to "untagged" and now it works fine!

Thanks a lot! Now I can go on with experiments/ devel (I like to use Vocore-devices for homeautomation/ use of GPIO's etc. and WLAN is a goodie only....)!

Kind regards

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