LAN - vendor based DHCP options on odhcpd

Hello all
question about the local odhcpd.
Is there a way steer local dhcp options based on the dhcp discover message?
Client A has a specific vendor id and so I have to offer special options to this device.
Client B is a generic device which needs only generic options.
What I have red odhcpd is not that mighty but maybe I am wrong.
Regards Florian

You can use tags to send different options to the dhcp clients. However you need to have them preconfigured, they cannot be applied on the fly.

I'm afraid odhcpd doesn't support tags and client-specific options are limited to the following:

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Just to clear things, by default odhcpd is for dhcpv6 and dnsmasq is for dhcpv4.

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Good point trendy, I'm talking about IPv4.