Lan to lan wds on a partly supported OpenWrt

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im currently running a netgear r7000 on dd-wrt as my acces point and a archer c50 as a client bridge.
im using relayd to bridge but im getting inconsistend results.
when i looked on the forums i've found out that this is a commen issue with relayd.
they gave the solution of running open wrt on both devices and using wds.
when i looked into that i found out the 2.4GHz is partly supported for the r7000 and only supports 802.11g rates.

i'm running a cable from my pc to the archer c50 so i was wondering if i used the c50 as my ap and the r7000 as my bridge will it still be effected by the partly supported 2.4GHz since im not broadcasting anything and only using lan.

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There is a (small) chance that ddwrt's Broadcom WDS will interoperate with OpenWrt and Atheros or MediaTek (I forget which chipset is in the C50). It would not hurt to try.

OpenWrt on a R7000 should be considered for wired use only.

i've allready tried ddwrt's broadcom WDS and it wasn't working.
but i still can send the archer c50 back to the store and get a router that would work.
any recommandations? im looking for something under 50 euro if possible

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It was not fixed in the last update 19.07.7 ?

does it also affect 5ghz?

Uses 5ghz to 2.4 bridge.