LAN stops working every now and then

It just happened.
It's not DHCP. After doing /etc/init.d/dhcp restart I got:

root@WR1043NDv4_LEDE:~# service dnsmasq restart
udhcpc: started, v1.25.1
udhcpc: sending discover
udhcpc: no lease, failing

WAN doesn't work also, yet WiFi is working fine, I can connect to the router LuCI page and through SSH. Ethernet clients don't get IP from DHCP, it's like there was no network. Switch is working, computer detects new cable and LED on router is turning ON when connecting cable.

Logs again are clear. Don't know what to do next. Any ideas?

The idea was not to do anything on the router, but to check the clients if their IPs and routing tables were correctly renewed; restarting dnsmasq on the router doesn't help with that at all and neither encourages the clients to renew their dhcp lease.

I did check it and DHCP didn't work. I couldn't get an IP or any connection when using Ethernet ports. I don't think it was DHCP because WiFi worked flawlessly, IP was assigned properly there. Also WAN port didn't work. I was unable to obtain Public IP. I don't know what it has to do with DHCP.

Either way I ended up with replacing the router for a new unit. If this happens again I will be sure there is something wrong with the system.

So... I have the same program with the replace unit. Any ideas?

Actually switch itself seems to be working in basic mode. I am able to access network storages connected through LAN, yet the network on switch is completely dead.

Same problem here: LAN/WAN connections are up (there is a link), but no data is transferred. Wifi works, but logs contain only failed pppoe requests. I don't use dhcp (also service is disabled). And it seems to be more frequent since I moved from factory firmware (once every day). Also tried latest OpenWrt build; same result... :S

Finally! Someone who shares the same problem. I was starting to think I was doing something wrong.

Since you don't use DHCP I guess we can rule out dnsmasq as a cause. When you say factory firmware do you mean the stock TP-Link firmware? I admit I haven't used it at all. As soon as I booted it up I installed LEDE onto it. If this issue is also present in original firmware then maybe there is some hardware issue?

I had WR1043ND v1 before running OpenWRT and with the same settings it was working very well, no issues. I was going to test it on v4 next but since you've already done it, I think I pass.

Did you maybe had a chance to use v3 before?

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Yes, the stock TP-Link firmware seems a bit more stable for me (used it for a month with only 3-4 LAN-lockups). After disabling every feature I could (IPv6, firewall, wifi...),and the problem still persisted I moved to OpenWRT (then LEDE). Actually I found one guy at the Opewrt forums with the same issue. TP-Link got his router replaced, but that did not solve his problem. Someone said, that this also could be a traffic-related problem (weird ISP configuration, oversized packets...), or the problem is in the u-boot section which is not replaced by custom firmware. I try to experiment with it in the weekend.
We used V3-s at work, and they were rock-solid, thats why I choose this box. I hope the problem can be solved in software.

If the problem is also present on factory firmware then I don't know what else there is to do. I actually was able to to run the router for 28 days without incident when I initially installed LEDE. Right now I'm unable to get more then 3 days without WAN/LAN hangs. I also got the unit replaced and this also didn't solve the issue for me. The weird thing is that the logs and dmesg are perfectly clean. In my case there isn't a single entry reflecting the issue. I wrote a script that checks every 5 minutes if the internet is working and then restarts the network when WAN/LAN hangs.

About the traffic-related problem you mentioned. I don't think it the problem with the ISP. My cable modem runs in modem mode, which means that the LEDE router is doing all the work. I also had the same ISP, same modem and same config on v1 and I didn't had this issue there.

You also mentioned u-boot section. I'm not sure what this has to do with the problem since firstly the problem also occurs on the TP-Link firmware and secondly once the LEDE boots, u-boot has nothing else to do. I don't think replacing u-boot sections is a standard practise when installing LEDE, but I might be wrong. Maybe @jow or @hnyman can clarify this.

Did you maybe tried to contact TP-Link support regarding this issue?

Maybe try replacing the power supply if you happen to have a suitable replacement chord available.

My replacement unit came with a new power supply.
I also don't think the power supply changed since HW2.1 and every thing worked fine there.

I'm thinking about returning the router to the store as a faulty model. BTW TP-Link still didn't fixed the NAT leakage problem so I can use this as a base cause if the store will try to make troubles for me (which would be illegal for them to do so).

Can you maybe share a link to the thread you mentioned?

It was Gluon, sorry (but it's based on OpenWRT too):

I saw you created this bug report:

You might want to file it here though, since OpenWRT is pretty much dead and LEDE is it's successor.

Oh geez, i have same problem with mine too. Link is on but no traffic :neutral_face:

Bugreport sent:

Also I posted it to official TP-link forums (post awaits admin permission):

I try to contact TP-link support after that, although they did not respond to my prev. request.

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As more people report the same problem I doubt that the power supply is the cause but the fact that you got a replacement doesn't necessarily rule it out. The same (type of) power supply might behave differently in different circumstances.

I noticed that TP-Link has published a new firmware for WR1043ND v4 for Portugal.

Before anyone will decide to flash it. Make sure it does not have a locked bootloader so you can return to other version if needed.

What do you suggest to try to reproduce this problem?

I got a TL-WR1043ND v4 but in production. Wifi + DHCP turned off. 1 24/7 client running Debian 8. I haven't had any too apparent problems with it (since the NAT leakage was fixed), but I might have missed what you report.

Actually I have no idea. It's always happening at random for me. Usually though at day, when there are three or four computers on the network. I actually haven't noticed any "hangs" at night when only the server was running. I have an older PC working as server and pushing data 24/7. I have also a PC machine and two laptops. I noticed that when all of them are in use the "hang" occurs more often. I should probably mention that during the "hang" I always had at least two computers connected via Ethernet cable.

There was one incident, 28 days after the first LEDE install, coming from factory firmware. It was 2 am, only server was working, my brother connected his laptop via Ethernet and shortly after the hang occurred.

Do you have any script or something that restarts your network when Internet fails?
I do. I have had it write a log message to my USB so I knew then the restart occurs.

Well, I also have this issue with my setup. I don't know if this is connected. I replaced the Ethernet cable and reinstalled the OS on computer. It didn't solve the issue. I've never had this problem on v1.