LAN protocol "static"

Openwrt is installed on a Netgear r7800 router. It is a single router between an Arris modem (using modem only mode) and my home LAN network of wired and wireless machines. The machines in the lan use DHCP and the router's DNS & DHCP page has static leases for those machines. Everything seems to working now, but I had a problem with mount-cifs described in a different thread. That seems to be working now thx to help from the forum, but while poking around, I was bothered by a setting in Network > Interfaces > LAN. It is set for "Static IP." Not sure why I chose that, maybe I assumed that the Router itself needed to have a static IP ( That may be right, as DHCP seems to work OK in the LAN, but I'm not sure. Is that the right protocol for me to use or should it have been, "DHCP client."

If you choose dhcp for LAN then you need to provide an external dhcp server to give an IP address to the LAN. This is why it is set to static protocol so it can have its own IP address without the need of external dhcp server.


Great, then I'm OK leaving it as "Static IP."

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