Lan ports mapping issues WNDR4700

I have installed and it was setup as DHCP client for the Internet access via R7800. I wanted to try this router before switching to R7800.

It was fluidy but configuring things are not straight forward. Atleast i am not . Since it does detect my pc but not the NAS.

I also cant see any of the connected lan devices.

Where and how to see the list of connected devices.

If I understand well, is this your config?

Modem === (WAN)R7800(LAN) === (WAN)WNDR4700(LAN) === PC

yes thats right.

Now figure it out. Its working fine but i have to be in two different subnet.

If i disable DHCP and made it r7800 to server IP and i wont have access to WNDR4720/4700

Also i need help in changing the optware package to built in HDD which is 160gb i am planning to re-insert for optware packages.

Right now its very load say 13MB