Lan Interface does not conenct to main router & I have not internet

I installed OpenWRT on Linksys EA4500. This is in an effort to extend my current wifi reach/coverage in the house. My end goal is to be able to extend my current wifi without having to run ethernet cable between main router (its a dsl modem + router) and OpenWRT router

  • My main WiFi is on
  • OpenWRT LAN IP I have setup to
  • WWAN interface I have set to
  • I am able to scan the Wireless and connect to it
  • Firewall is disabled
    But I am not able to get any internet from OpenWRT router (I have my laptop connected tp it via LAN and shows no internet and unable to ping any external sites)

First of all your router Ip should not be in the same network as your dsl modem.

You should first change the router ip to something like

This link may help.