LAN FTP file transfer issues


Hoping someone might be able to help me out or point me in the direction of an issue I have encountered since installing the latest version of OpenWrt

The problem occurs on client device when transferring to a server on the internal LAN. I didnt have this problem on my previous version on OpenWrt, and all I have done is update OpenWrt to the latest version. The issue doesnt occur when the client is outside of the network. I start the transfer upload and it will run for a while before stopping on the LAN, the client device remains connected to the wifi but loses access to WAN & LAN for roughly a minute before reestabilishing a connection. This doesnt happen on the client device unless you attempt to transfer a file. I have even had the issue when attempting to transfer using a windows share.

Im not sure if the firewall is somehow cutting off internal transfers but not WAN-LAN transfers (I had a active wan transfer for over an hour before I cancelled it, but the LAN lasts on average 10 mins or less before disconnecting the client from the network)

the disconnect from the network and causing the transfer to fail due to lack of connectivity ?

Thanks in advance

What model router. What version of OpenWrt?

Have you tried connecting your client device to ethernet LAN, because it seems more likely to be a wifi issue from your description of the problem.

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Check also FTP is active or passive.

You also may need to use modules like ip_nat_ftp, ip_conntrack_ftp to keep them.

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As an alternative, if your client supports it, sftp is considered by many to be a more secure alternative to FTP.

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Hi Bill

Thanks for the speedy response its a DavidC build for a linksys WRT32X

Kernel version = 4.19.74
WiFi driver =
Build = r11086

due to the increased speeds I have struggled to replicate the issue when wired but I dot have any wireless issues as I use a separate AP that was the same prior to the OpenWrt upgrade when the FTP and file transfers were working.

I have checked the suggested ip_nat_ftp, ip_conntrack_ftp but they dont appear in LUCI under software. It looks like it already has packages installed to manage (kmod-nf-nathelper-extra, kmod-ipt-conntrack, kmod-ipt-conntrack-extra), I noticed it was missing kmod-nf-nathelper and I am going to retest to see if thats done anything.

I am also using SFTP in Passive as far as I am aware.

It just seems strange that it works fine outside of the network uploading into the network but when you are on the same network the client device getting disconnected from the network (the WIFI is 100% with not interference on 5GHZ and doesnt drop out, I know the issue isnt with the WIFI)

Thanks for all the quick responses really appreciate it as I have looked everywhere I can think of in the router itself