LAN Forwarding speed on GL.iNet GL-X3000

I recently purchased a GL.iNet GL-X3000 and I'm experiencing slower speeds than expected. My setup includes a 1GB Spectrum internet connection connected to the 2.5G WAN port of the router and my MacBook Pro connected directly to the other ethernet port. When I conduct a speed test, I get 980MB down with my Cisco Firewall, but only 150-200MB down with the GL-X3000. I'm puzzled as to why the speed is significantly lower despite the 2.5G WAN port. I've tried adjusting the network acceleration settings to AUTO, HARDWARE, and SOFTWARE, but none seem to improve the speed. Can anyone advise on what might be causing this issue?

AFAIK this device isn't supported by Openwrt, and runs Gl.inets Openwrt derivative, you should ask them.

They have no support. Their support site is just a searchable FAQ with no contact us options.

then you're out of luck, but you could still try their forum.

we don't know anything about gl.inets black box openwrt version.

You should really try to improve your google-fu. They do have support. Though it's true, that you will not find support for that device here.

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