L2TP VPN can not connect on Windows 10

I am new vpn user and I have configured an L2TP server with a shared key on my laptop. I have tried numerous ways like disabling of firewall but it can’t connect. Anyone can help me.

Which OpenWrt version are you using?
Which device are you using?

I am using wifi router ARV752DPW

Do you think that is router issue? because I have already read to many guide about l2tp but I didn't get any solution. Few of them I shared with you.

Please provide me a proper solution. I put to many effort but still nothing.

I think old TLS protocols are disabled after windows update. You still can turn them on:

Tell us how it goes

Thank you! You mean its an old TLS protocol issue. Now I try to configure it manually as per your link.

Again: Which OpenWrt release are you using?