L2TP server LUCI configuration

Hi, all!
Are there any ability to configure l2tp vpn server with web interface?

not that i'm aware of... kinda specific like radius... configs.... so gui support is a challenge....

also.... it's kinda out-of-date... not recommended... if you value tunnel security.....

what do you need it for?

I can't think it ever have been recommended to use L2TP over the Internet or other non secure networks. L2TP is unencrypted which is the reason you usually use it with ipsec. And ipsec security isn't out of date AFAIK.

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I'd like me to migrate from Padavan to Openwrt the following configuration.

You should be able to extract configs via SSH or from backup.

You should change your VPN immediately. When Microsoft says it’s insecure, it’s really insecure (like a joke). You’re a decade behind the times.

Start here, for example

Encryption would also be a good idea.

You are right, L2TP isn't a VPN protocol. Windows uses L2TP combined with IPsec, called L2TP/IPSec which makes it a secure VPN protocol. And the article actually recommends L2TP/IPSec. (It's PPTP that's insecure with common encryption algorithms.)

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I do not care very much about security because this vpn connection is used only for one https server, and I do not have access to vpn client