L2tp running processes data

Need the command to get the running processes data for l2tp:-
while grepping the l2tp process i am unable to see the vpn tunnel ip addresses and wan ip.
ps | grep l2tp
8596 root 1044 S xl2tpd -D -l -p /var/run/xl2tpd.pid
8684 root 1276 S /usr/sbin/pppd plugin pppol2tp.so pppol2tp 8 pppol2tp_lns_mode pppol2tp_tunnel_id 20962 pppol2tp_session_id 23586
18540 root 1260 S grep l2tp
i want the command to get the whole data of l2tp running process including ip addresses and all.

when i am doing grep for pptp:-
able to see the ip address as below mentioned:-
ps | grep pptp
17521 root 956 S /usr/sbin/pptpd -c /var/etc/pptpd.conf --fg -o /var/etc/options.pptpd
17726 root 1004 S {pptpctrl} pptpd [ - 0000]
17727 root 1200 S /usr/sbin/pppd local file /var/etc/options.pptpd 115200 ipparam remotenumber 192.1
18874 root 1260 S grep pptp

(Tunnel is established in both the cases)