Kwboot for Linksys WRT1900ACS v2

Hello Openwrt Community !

In Debian 12 the kwboot out of uboot-utils isnt working (seems to) for my Linksys WRT1900ACS v2. I googled a bit and there was an unofficial Patch for kwboot
see: ""
and ""

My official kwboot has no -e option like described in the Wiki of the Linksys and the kwboot links are offline. Only a bin file is available for the 1900ACS and i dont know why its not .kwb file after reading some sites its usually a .kwb file to boot from u-boot.

Do someone have this kwboot-"patched!?" or a tipp how to get it ?
...would be really nice because i bricked my Linksys and i cant get even a serial session anymore.

Please post output of

ubus call system board

and link ti a wiki suggesting you to patch kwboot

My Router is bricked i cant boot to give you the output of the command.

on the openwrt wiki site for the Linksys WRT1900ACS v2 when you scroll down there is a Debricking part. ""

than on this site under recover bootloader stands links that are no longer available for example the programm kwboot & kwboot-patched. The standard Debian 12 have a kwboot that seems to not function correctly for example the -e option is missing.
Thats why the 2 links i posted in the first post.


sorry for my english ....

That is documentation-wiki issue then.

Just some outdated links

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thank you. What would you mean how long dit it takes to load for kwboot ( when i hit the right timing) into u-boot ? I waited already 5 minutes and nothing happened ever.
That could be end in a fulltime job.....

perhaps i need kwboot-patched but i dont find it....

What would you do with such an router ? I must say iam already nearly done with this shit piece of hardware it doesnt respond to anything what is standing in the internet advised.

Wish me such an linksys router paired with VDSL2 modem and LTE/5G modem. many usb3.0 which dont put the wlan down ( who construct those sh** !? ) and e-sata. And a good CPU perhaps with pcie ports or so. And of course powered by OpenWrt.

I think i must buy me a barebone PC but they are so expensive with only 2 ports LAN and no modem at all. Its all not the right because a tower pc would be cost too much energy in Germany.

sorry for that unconstructive offtopic iam a bit frustrated .....

i'am done