KuWFI R9 router

Hi all,

This is my first post, so apologies for n00bness, but does anyone have experience with KuWFI R9 router?

It's one of those cheapo routers available on ebay, and it states that it runs LEDE 17.01, which may o may not be true. How would I go about checking that at all? Is it possible to get it to 'stock' openwrt?

This is how it looks

I do have SSH access to what appears to be a LEDE shell.

Device doesn't seem to be supported in table of hardware.
Most likely it is running on some custom version of OpenWrt from the vendor, judging by the version number 1.0.16. You won't have much luck browsing their site, as it is all in Chinese.

That's what I thought. Is there a way to 'upgrade' existing LEDE installation to the later version? These are the things that I'm missing out of the box:

  • monthly usage management (setting limits, warnings, etc)
  • SMS handling - I assume this is very vendor specific so I don't have high hopes here
  • OpenVPN - I hope this could be set up from within the shell?
  • DynDNS - Same as the above

This is what my UI currently looks like, which I assume is a vendor replacement for Luci

Since this is not official OpenWrt image you won't be able to get much support here. :frowning:

Maybe they have posted something in their site, but you'll need help from someone who can read chinese.

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