Kuwfi (or zbt?) we826-t2 related questions

first of all, i don't understand if the device has cellular modem, or not.
it has a sim card slot, and inscription 3g/4g on it.

when i connect via ssh, i don't see anything other than /dev/ttyS0 and /dev/ttyS1, I guess the modem had to be identified as /dev/ttyUSBsomething.

when I configure GPRS/UMTS, APN via ttyS1, I see in system log that it cannot use S1, and when I configure it to use ttyS0, I think it says the device locked, and I guess from dmesg that it is used as console.

That was with the stock OEM openwrt version.
Then I downloaded the openwrt version from openwrt.org (openwrt-19.07.3-ramips-mt7620-zbt-we826-32M-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin) , and the other one (WE826-MM-3-16-19.bin) which has modem manager, and neither detected modem, neither in web ui, nor I can see the device in /dev.

So I disassembled the device today, and it looks llike this:

I looked at some pages, where they suggest installing Sierra modem, and I see the slot (black) to install the modem is empty.

So I don't understand, if the suggustion is to install the second modem, or the device has no modem at all?

Secondly, if it has a modem, how can I know which frequencies it supports, in other words, is it for US or EU?

Thank you!

The modem fits in the blue PCIe slot. Though the form of the card is PCIe, that bus is not used; the connection from the CPU to the modem is USB. Or of course you can use an external USB modem. It doesn't have any modem now.

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thank you!

so there is no modem!

Thats correct, actually no modem. In case, you do not need highest speed, look at the Quectel EC25.
Works like a charm, for a reasonable price.

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so i'd like to buy the modem, but i am not sure which type of interface it should it have. has pci? or pcie? (i understand that actual protocol is usb)
what should i search for?
and secondly, will the software support that modem? or all modems work via generic interface - AT commands?

@reinerotto thank you for recommendation! will that fit? i found a couple of those on ebay but all, i think, have US frequencies, not suitable for EU.

well not exactly EU, i need some chip which will work with these frequencies: https://www.spectrummonitoring.com/frequencies/index.html#Armenia

There are different versions of the EC25 available. You need to check the specs from Quectel. I only use it in serial mode, although it is supposed to work with qmi, too. Having never seen stability problems in serial mode, I stick with it.