Kuwfi AX820 config as dumb ap

im very new to openwrt. i have 2 of this kuwfi ax820 ap.
i want to connect them with a POE switch (unmanaged) on my lan ( the gateway is . i want to connect on wan port and then configure wireless access. the devices connected to the wireless have to get ip from .

i've followed the dumb ap configuration but uses LAN and its not working for me.

i've tried to configure wan as static ip in my LAN (with as gw ) and then assign the interface to the wireless but im not receiving any ip.

phisical port of ap are LAN and WAN(POE). now im connected on LAN with my pc and opening LUCI on

thanks for support

Skip the WAN port for now, does it work if you connect LAN-LAN ?

Make sure the LAN IP of the AX820 isn't

yes i've managed to make it work with lan-lan configuring lan port with static ip

if you want use the wan port of the kuwifi, the ip lan of the device could not be 192.168.1.x
should be and this is not a dumb ap

it can be, if OP moves the WAN port to br-lan.

yes but this is another case, he said in first post that he want use the wan port?

yup, but they also said dumb AP, so ....

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i've managed to make it work disabling in some way the lan port. I've added the wan port to the br-lan interface. given to the wan an ip address of the same subnet of my lan.
in wireless section i've added wan as interface of the wireless.

the only issue is that the ap is no more reachable. lol

i think that i will move back in using the OEM firmware.

there's no need, since wireless is member of br-lan too.

that sounds very secure :wink:

reset, and start over ?