Ksmbd subfolder limit


I'm using Ksmbd to serve an NTFS disk containing some folder. One folder has about 1500 subfolders, and it seems to throw an out-of-memory error preventing clients from accessing the share. I tried Windows, Linux-based and Android clients, and all are not able to browse the contents of that folder.

The drive itself is mounted properly; I can browse that folder from the router side using WinSCP. Moreover, there is nothing working with the permission. Creating another sibling folder and moving the subfolders to it proved that. So the issue is about browsing a folder with a big number of subfolders.

I think I was using Samba for it before upgrading OpenWrt. But now It's Samba4 that's available, and I don't have enough space on my router for it.

I prefer SMB shares because they are supported in Windows out of the box, but does it look like I will have to move to NFS here, or are they any other solutions with ksmbd or installing Samba3, or possibly cifsmount (though I'd provide some package with LuCi support.

I can get an NFS client for Windows, but it doesn't seem convenient for Android, and I'd like to be able to access the drives from my phone.