Ksmbd (Samba3/4 alternative, ex cifsd/smbd) package support thread

Hi guys.
On some newer platforms (ipq807x, MT7986) we see lower reading / writing speeds than what we should expect on those powerful hardware SoCs.
Observations start from this post and several others after it.
Currently @pesa1234 suggested a solution here that is reported to work.

I've commented out the 3 lines in ksmbd.conf.template as suggested in his post and now I get 112 MB/s read (almost doble speed than before) and ~100 MB/s writes (a small decrease here from 112 MB/s) over 1Gbps LAN port with ksmbd and only a mere 10-15% CPU load on NSS-wifi build.
Client is Windows 11 PC.

@linkinjeon @neheb @pesa1234 @Lucky1
Any thoughts on this. Can default settings be further optimized / tuned for those platforms so the maximum read / write speeds are achievable from start without any user intervention.