Ksmbd - keeping it off, user config location

Two questions

  1. Is there a way to set up a ksmbd share, but ordinarily keep off? With something like this (in /etc/config/ksmbd):
config share
	#Other lines
	option enabled '0'
  1. Which configs are being edited when you add, modify or remove a ksmbd user by means of command such as ksmbd.adduser -a bobby. Is it this?



I'm pretty sure that's the one is because it got created when I added the first ksmbd user and it's got the user's name in it. I already got kind help on this topic as below, but there might have been an omission there. I want to be quite sure for inclusion in image making and also am flagging for any newbie running into the same issue.


On question 1, you can hide the share location from view by unchecking "browsable" in LuCI (Services > Network Shares). In terms of config, that is:

        option browseable 'no'

But if you know the exact address, you can still get there. What I would like is a convenient way to keep the location ordinarily inaccessible. Of course one could keep /etc/config/ksmbd free of the config share block of lines, but anything less drastic?