Ksmbd configuration server

i am trying to set up samba server on OpenWrt 21
evrything works fine when i connect from Windows 10 but when i try to connect from Android Total comander LAN it gets folder for realy long time like 3 minutes
So my quwestion is where i can get all the option to fix this problem with Androind client

There is global section in Luci

but when i open /etc/config/ksmbd it is diffrent

config globals
	option allow_legacy_protocols '0'
	option description 'Ksmbd'

config share
	option name 'usb'
	option path '/mnt/sda1'
	option writeable 'yes'
	option browseable 'yes'
	option read_only 'no'
	option guest_ok 'yes'
	option users 'guest'
	option create_mask '0777'
	option hide_dot_files 'no'
	option dir_mask '0777'

So how do i fix the problem with getting directory
All i find is https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/nas/ksmbd
So i tryed to change some setting but it got even worse
what parametr i can change to fix the problem with getting directory from android

Also when i used samba36 from OpenWrt 19 evrything was good

I've never used Total Commander, but when I tried something like Solid Explorer on Android, I believe there was an issue with the SMB version it supported. So I'd look into version of SMB supported by your app and version of SMB supported by ksmbd.

PS. Maybe you just need to allow legacy protocols:

i have tryed this option cause it is in luci but no luck
maybe some parametrs i can add in configuration file and again why global section is difrent in luci to ksmbd conf file
It looks like this

This one when I use smb3

well turns out it is just android aplication
i have install CxFIles and everything is good