[Kong R7800 OpenWrt] LG OLED C8 - 5GHz WiFi drops


I have the R7800 which I flashed Kongs latest openwrt build with stock settings, everythings seems to work great except one thing.

I have the LG OLED C8 TV, it won't stay connected to the 5GHz WiFi, I can connect to it but after a few seconds or minutes it disconnects, it works good with 2.4GHz but I get low speeds so can't use it, every other devices works without problem.

I noticed that I can't choose auto when choosing the width (20/40/80/160MHz) so I use 80MHz which I've done before, but when using 20MHz the TV seems to stay connected but I get lower speeds so can't use it either, maybe if it was possible to have a auto option it could work, but the 80MHz settings works with Voxel firmware and the ASUS RT-AC86U with Merlin firmware.

I think it's something with openwrt but its funny because every other devices works great, maybe there is a setting I should change? or maybe try another openwrt build that maybe works better? thank you!

Then you should probably ask him; but given you're about the sixth person that's come to this forum looking for him, that may not be an easy task.

Nonetheless, what you're describing shouldn't be an issue and should work. So I'd flash official OpenWrt to test and verify.

Just FYI, I think this is a hold over from the DDWRT community where Kong was pretty active building his own images that the community would use/test.

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I flashed @hnyman build and it's the same problem, it just loses connection, is it not possible to get auto option for the WiFi width?

These are the official links:

  • Pause...are you connecting to a DFS channel and experiencing issues?
  • Auto Width??? If you set it to the highest, devices will only use the bandwidth they can anyways
  • I'm not sure how bandwidth can be auto...since it's announced on air in beacons - do you have another device that sets auto bandwidth?

I've seen some questionable routers, but even they set bandwidth by "legacy" and "enhanced" settings.

I flashed official snapshot build, same problem, I use channel 36, ok I thought it forced the width but I noticed now when I choose 160MHz it's like you said about the devices using 80MHz except one computer who uses the Intel 9560 WiFi that can use 160MHz.

btw is it necessary to do full reset after I switch builds?

  • I've never used custom firmware, so I don't know
  • Switching between the same official firmware (and target), nope (usually)

Nope cannot force width, the TX on both ends decides what the bandwidth will be (within the max announced in the beacon beacon, that is). You'll also notice the bandwidth drop on each individual client when less traffic is occuring.

ok, yes I noticed when the bandwidth drops, but very strange every device works except the TV, but it's no problem using 2.4GHz.

  • Do you have odd characters in the 5.4 SSID?
  • Is there any relevant log information (i.e. disconnects of the TV's MAC, group authentication failed, etc.) around the time when the disconnect occurs?

I have same SSID on both except 2.4GHz ends with 2, passwords are the same.

no where can I check logs?

I'm seeing the same bug with OpenWrt latest stable build of 19.07.3 and my LG TV. Were you ever able to get this to work successfully ?

Just dropping a +1 here, except it's a D7800. Nothing funny in the router logs, and in fact looking at the network settings on the TV, it doesn't seem to be disconnecting from the network per se, but instead is deciding it can't contact DNS (there's a little series of icons when going into Advanced under wifi settings: TV -> Router -> DNS -> Internet, and when it craps out it fails at the "DNS" step, even though when putting the TV onto the 2.4GHz network everything works fine and it's the exact same settings).

Hi all, just quick update, I never bothered to run OpenWrt when using the OLED C8 but since 1 month back I got the new OLED CX and it's been working with the OpenWrt without any issues, it's stays connected, maybe something with the network hardware on the C8 that could not co-op with OpenWrt?