Kong pro firmware for IPQ806x (R7500, R7800, EA8500, ...)

Check https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/sforshee/wireless-regdb.git/tree/db.txt if 160Mhz is allowed for channel 100 according to your country setting. You can also look at the dmesg output to see if it complains about some invalid settings.

If nothing is wrong with the flash, then it should allow you to switch from any openwrt firmware, in case of breaking changes in major upgrades a warning would appear, that an upgrade without loosing settings is not possible, but it would still allow you to force a flash. If you see no such message and flashing fails it could be due to a bad filesystem, or corrupt upload through unstable wifi etc., if you are already uploading the firmware via cable check the sha256 sum, to make sure the downloaded firmware is complete.

If nothing helps you can backup your config and upload via tftp. To do this, press reset button, power on the device while still holding the reset button for 15s, after the 15s the power led should blink white indicating, that tftp server has been started on the router, then you can tftp to default router ip.

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No such message at all. It starts flashing and then restarts a couple of minutes later with no clue whatsoever there was an error during the process. It doesn't look any different than a normal reboot.

Anyway thanks, I think I'll try tftp.

hi @KONG
any ETA of when you will update your 23.05 NSS build to the latest 23.05 stable build?

I appreciate your work, thanks!

Make sure you don't enable software offloading under firewall tab, this would interfere with nss. I should probably remove that option in nss builds.

Unfortunately, some users (like me) who upgrade from non NSS builds to NSS build while preserving settings might still have software offloading enabled from the non NSS build. With the options removed from luci we're stuck with it turned on if we don't know how to ssh and use uci.

Can we somehow continue to display that option in the UI but only allow it to go from on to off? (and disable from off to on)

I found out it's still turned on by SSHing to the router and running:

uci show firewall | grep flow_offloading

It showed:


(1 means on, 0 means off)

I turned it off via:

uci set firewall.@defaults[0].flow_offloading='0'
uci set firewall.@defaults[0].flow_offloading_hw='0'
uci commit
/etc/init.d/firewall restart

On a related note: are there any other settings we should make sure are updated when moving from non-NSS to NSS builds? I would prefer to not have to reset everything.

That said, I do seem to be getting slower speeds with firewall.@defaults[0].flow_offloading='0' vs '1'. 600 mbps vs 1gbps on the NSS build. So I'm a bit confused about the best settings.

I have three R7800s, 1 router and 2 APs. I just updated to the latest KONG nss build. Before I realized you are not supposed to configure SQM thru the GUI, I setup the GUI with my answers for my internet provider.

I also understand the scripts and SQM is built in to these builds.

Question... How and where do I actually edit and configure the SQM scripts on this build?


I just updated my R7800 to the latest NSS build (r0+23573-4dd4465). So far so good. Thanks @KONG

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