Kong pro firmware for IPQ806x (R7500, R7800, EA8500, ...)

So, just to be sure I am not missing something, just installing the nss build makes the nss cores start working without setting some option to enable them, right? If this is true, I have to check what is happening with my router not to be able to reach more than 400mbps. I still have previous speedtests logs and I was getting 900/800 without problems (kong nss builds before 22.03)

@KONG I tried one of your old trunk versions in my EA8500, the one with kernel 5.4.152 and the gigabit wan speed is back.....can you confirm that this is an issue with your latest v22.03 EA8500 build?

EDIT: forgot to tell, wan PPPOE here.

@KONG do you have a new NSS build in the works? I see you have a 21 build up :smiley:

Are there significant changes / improvements on kernel 5.10 NSS compared with 5.4 NSS?

Same issue here on the R7800. Did you manage to fix it on v22.03?

Alternatively, does anyone have a copy of the kernel 5.4 NSS build for the R7800?

EDIT: Never mind, fixed it with the ACwifidude's 5.4 builds from GitHub. Seems PPPoE acceleration is broken on kernel 5.10 for both builds.

Hi. No, I couldn't fix it. The solution was going back to k5.4. Did you try the latest kong build too? I am out of my country and couldn't test it.

Using the latest build 21.02 r16594. Can you please add usb-modeswitch to the repo as I need to use a huawei hilink modem? Thanks

I have installed the release version (21.02.3) as I cannot use the huawei hilink modem without usb-modeswitch :cry:


Thanks for providing such wonderful build and mod, could please add odhcpd-full?, also my bridged PPPOE client for WAN in 22.03 doesn't work (the PPPOE client going up & down continuously) , on 21.02 it's working fine. I am on netgear R7800.

@KONG looks like bunch of airtime fairness rollback, and then fixes and tweaks got committed to master over the last couple of weeks up to yesterday that should fix the issues seen on our devices after the scheduler change. Keen to hear your thoughts - I know you already removed the previous troublesome patches in your NSS builds :grin: