KONG ipq806x builds

KONG ipq806x builds
/ EA8500 / R7500v2 / R7800 / C2600 / D7800 / NBG6817

Download (11/16):

*changelog only updated for major/notable changes, for the rest see openwrt git repo

LuCi with https
ACME certs
Dynamic DNS
Privoxy WEB proxy
Wifi Schedule
Wake on LAN
Network Shares
Recursive DNS
VPN Bypass
QoS / SQM 100+mbps support

*for those with 1Gbps wan simply disable the entire sqm or set the associated line to 0 (not yet supported, you don't really need it)
*every setup/env is different, use recommendation at your own risk. tune to fit your own needs.

I'm not the author of these builds, but Kong is, who is a respected former member of dd-wrt community.


With mixed emotions, happy Kong's work lives on. Would be grateful to see a R9000 build come to fruition down the road....for now grateful for what I have. Thanks Kong!

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Nice to see a openwrt forum thread for Kongs builds.

Thankyou @jerrytouille

Sorry for closing the thread on the dd-wrt forum guys. It just felt like I was being a hypocrite if I didn’t.

I’m glad one was opened here.

Hi, I used your firmware recently and I really appreciated them. I have a NetGear R7000, I wanted to know if you will support it?
If not, can you tell me which model should be supported longer?
Thank you.

R7000 is no ipq806x device.

I see the mtdblock errors too. Is it critical?

[ 11.715215] print_req_error: I/O error, dev mtdblock1, sector 0
[ 11.719570] print_req_error: I/O error, dev mtdblock1, sector 0
[ 11.724915] Buffer I/O error on dev mtdblock1, logical block 0, async page read

-network throughput optimization e.g. cake can now shape up to 450Mbps (depends on type of wan)

Is this something specific to this build or it is a part of the stock OpenWRT 19.07?

no it is not. currently official openwrt and other custom builds have the same issue

it should. my line is only 100mbps so can't verify, but stock openwrt and other custom builds like hnyman i can only get up to ~75mbps. so this kong build works better for me

I am not sure why then. 901-switch-mib-disable.patch should not be needed any more as there is a permanent fix in OpenWRT since May. The rest of changes seem to be unrelated, but I am not an expert here.

it could be the cpu scaling making the biggest difference(800mHz 'min. freq' & 20 'up_threshold' compared to default 384 min & 95 up) but on 'stock' openwrt builds i still had performance issues with
cake sqm even with the cpu set to max 1.73 no scaling(200mbps turned to sub 120mbps)
I've since switched to a dual nic x86 mini pc and cake works perfect vs trying on the r7800

That only controls how fast the CPU scales up and from what min frequency. Under heavy load with cake (like during a perf test), the CPU would scale up and stay there.

thats what cpu scaling is yes, default just doesnt scale well if really at all with any load in my experience

I remember there being something about a scaling issue when the minimum is below 800. I cannot find where I saw that, I think is was something like L2 cache stuck at minimum frequency.

Removed the startup script with cpu mod, still working fine for me. 100mbps line

Yup, I tested cake up to 125MBts, but the change log claims 450Mbps.

Found the post I was looking for:

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I ported that L2 scaling fix to 19.07 and the throughput dropped by 1/3. There are more details in that thread about the performance degradation that I saw. It was also independently confirmed in this PR: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/2280.