Kong has Moved to OpenWrt - Is this True or Fake?

As you may have noticed I have not been able to follow dd-wrt development for a few weeks now.
Due to changes in life I don't have time anymore to continue compile/test/publish any custom builds anymore.It is simply to time consuming, especially since I moved to openwrt.

It's been a fun time, but now it is time to move on.


This is being posted around the forums like reddit but i'm unsure if it's just an excuse to spam the desipro website as it doesn't seem to have anything to do with Kong?


The desipro site is used by kong.

FYI see the dd-wrt forum item here.

Kong has been testing his own "community" build for a while (see this dd-wrt forum item).


He could do with a new website design as it visually reminds me of one of those fake websites full of install.exe files for windows users.

I personally don't care what his site looks like as I'm just grateful his builds are available.

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yes he has, and he has specific tweaks for r7800, r7500v2 and ea8500. I'll also add that he has added what he needs for HIS, network so if you have no use for what he installs you can just remove them. He has luci setup and everything needed for an initial setup so its all good. Really great build and rock solid openwrt with 19.07 driving it.

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This highlights the issue of single outlier developers as what happens if merlin should vanish ??

*** No pun intended ***


The OpenWrt model of development is relatively sustainable. The way dd-wrt and certain others do things is a losing proposition in comparison, so it's no surprise that someone is frustrated with the limits of such and wants to do things with less hassle now instead.


It will be interesting to see how the openwrt community takes to his builds being full of pre-installed apps rather than the ground up approach.

It makes life easier for newbies without all the technobabble.

Community builds with pre-installed apps have been a part of OpenWRT as long as I've been a user. Some people seem to like them. I used one when IPv6 support was still young.

The builds done by @davidc502 are very popular, so they'll probably be pretty well received.