Komikan board: eth0 is down permanently

hello to all,
I just installed openwrt and i cant change the status of my interface - is always down. It is something that i need to or maybe is broke?
I use komikan board.


  • You installed OpenWrt on what device (I assume VirtualBox), if so what version (because someone else made a thread about a NIC issue too)?
  • What happens when you use the OpenWrt commands?
  • What is your config?
  • BTW, eth0 on most devices is an Ethernet switch, not a NIC, so we really need to know what device you're using
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Thanks for your reply, the problemis that i have an cable connected. Komikan board has 2 ehternet ports - on eth1 when i plug the cable it "see" the cable, but on eth0 it does not any change, like there is no cable plugged in.

@lleachii - I am using an Komikan dev kit, (https://www.8devices.com/products/komikan) and i did not done any changes after instalation.

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  • Disable and stop the firewall service to not get locked.
  • Connect the working port to the internet as the WAN interface.
  • Install the following packages and copy-paste the output as text:
opkg update
opkg install pciutils usbutils
lspci -n -n -k; lsusb -v -v -t

Here is my output:

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Still not working. Any help?