Knowing what websites are visited

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For just ad blocking, see:

Also, seeing traffic does not permit you to stop the dangerous thing. You need an IPS for that.

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As topic says "knowing what websites are visited. I have not been able to figure out how to do this with simplicity (a neat GUI), usually when I wanted more knowledge of this, I had to type several commands and so on when using OpenWRT. I then got tiered of this and decided the bridge my raspberry pi 3B (PiHole) to my WRT3200acm (OpenWRT), this worked flawlessly. But as of today, my raspberry is my cars new Brain and I can there for no longer use PiHole in a simple way. So my question is:

Could OpenWRT in anyways take over PiHole tasks in terms of providing a good and simple GUI to log IPs, Hostnames, data used, by whom and when (time) and so on...

What I'm trying to do here will not break any laws. I feel like this should be said so noone needs to remind me of GDPR and alike. Thank you.

Short answer: Yes, it could. Needs quite some work, though. In case, you are interested in a commercial solution, PM me.

Thank you for your reply, I'll be sure to remember your offer.

Guys. Even in https you can see urls, only body is encrypted.

No, you can't; requests travel inside an encrypted connection. The proxy can only see the server name.

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Yet... SNI is in the progress of being superseded by ESNI, once that is widely established not even the requested host name can be inferred anymore from the outside.


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