Know of any simple energy usage loggers for networking equipment?

I love comparing energy usage of various GNU/Linux systems.

Manually, I can do this using a Kill A Watt device (North american energy usage outlet plug and LCD).

I'm curious how to do something plug and play with home routers and the like but log energy usage for sending to some kind of aggregator.

Do you know of any automatic measurement tools with similar ease of use?

As an aside, has great research and development.
sigrok seems like a great building block.
BayLibre ACM creates Beagle Board Black capes and other USB extensions that may work:

A different search engine query yielded this hack a day article with various projects that might work:

I'm more curious if anyone has experimented with anything in their local network setup.

Many "smart plugs" are capable of measuring power consumption.
Some of them can be paired with HomeAssistant (or similar) to log the info.