Kmod-usb-storage-uas needed for extroot with USB3 storage

@wiki-account. Your extroot documentation needs amendment/update. It needs to mention installing 'kmod-usb-storage-uas' because modern usb3 external sata storage devices are not recognised without it. :+1:

added this to the article


Wouldn't it make more sense to restrict kmod-usb-storage-uas to USB3 storage devices, instead of just unconditionally requesting users to install it even when using USB2 storage? I'm thinking of 4MB/8MB devices where you want to only install what is really necessary.

It would be better to split that section entirely referencing a more appropriate article:

We already have multiple articles duplicating the content to provide USB support:

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devices with 4MB can't install any of those packages anyway, devices with 8MB can spare a few kb to install that kmod too. The largest package in that list by far are the filesystem tools, not the USB drivers

Ok I have referenced another article now. I have chosen the one about pure USB drivers and not the quick start because extroot guide is a bit different when adding partition to fstab

You know from past discussions that even few kB can make a difference and that people are desperately trying to save every kB possible.

Therefore I do not understand why the extroot page carelessly instructs users to install packages that may not even be needed for their usecase.

If a package is needed only when using a USB3 storage device, then this should be mentioned accordingly.

To do an extroot at all you need to install some large packages to format the filesystem (regardless of how you connect to the storage device), and that is at least 200kb. I'm not terribly worried by 1-2kb drivers more or less.

Afaik it's not all USB3 storage devices, only for some that are out of spec. In theory the UAS protocol is an OPTIONAL data transfer protocol of USB3 that allows faster transfer, but devices that connect to a host that does not support it should be able (by spec) to switch back to the generic and slower protocol.

Anyway, after vgaatera feedback I have edited the page to offload the usb driver install to another page that instructs people to install and test to find what they actually need on their specific device.


Glad it all got sorted out. A separate USB driver page is best indeed.
FWIW In my case with this drive on a Linksys EA7500 v1 running 21.02.0 and 21.02.1, I could not get /dev/sda to show unless UAS was installed.

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