Kmod-usb-net-rtl8152 Kernel mismatch

I am having a ton of trouble installing the RTL8152 driver so that I can get the USB Ethernet adapter to work on my Raspberry pi 4. I had this all working on a Raspberry pi 3, but wanted to use the USB 3.0 in order to increase data throughput. I was not able to simply move over the SD card from the RPI 3 to the RPI 4, do to the different CPUs.

Then had to compile a build to work on the RPI 4. That's working, but now it will not allow the driver for the RTL to work and says that the Kernel is not compatible. Could really use some help on this.

My openwrt version number is: r17082-0494278073

Thanks in advance

If you're building from source yourself, you need to build all kernel modules you might want to install as well, as part of the same buildprocess (ideally already include them into your firmware image, =y instead of =m). The dependencies between kernel- and its modules are very strict and basically can't be replicated, unless you use the exact buildbot configuration - it's considerably easier to just build everything you're going to need.