Kmod-siit and luci-app-siitwizard

The use case here is to provide a local "pseudo dual stack" to users of a router which has only a IPv6 upstream connection. Somewhere upstream (in this case at the ISP) exists a NAT64 connected to the IPv4 Internet.

The package 464xlat exists for this and it does Just Work, except for the major problem that should the wan v6 IP change, it stops working. The origin (v6) IP is loaded into the kmod once at network startup and does not change. It would be nice if 464xlat could specify an outgoing interface and follow any changes to its IP.

So I see kmod-siit, which is only a kmod, and its configurator luci-app-siitwizard. These appear to have been written specifically for the Freifunk project and use internal IPs that are specific to that network. Does anyone know these packages and how to configure them for general-purpose use?