Kmod-sctp missing dependency under kernel 5.15

I tried to build master today (target rockchip, using Kernel 5.15) and ran into an interesting issue I never faced before. The building fails with:

Package kmod-sctp is missing dependencies for the following libraries:

It seems I need to remove LINUX_5_15: from line 1161 (, then everything works.

Does anyone know why I need to explicitly remove LINUX_5_15:, I can't figure it out.

Can you test the same with 5.10?

I ran some further tests and did not face the issue. In each case (5.10, 5.15, 5.15 including pr10123) I sticked to building plain OpenWrt (without the packages feed) and only added kmod-sctp compared to the defaults.

I'll now try to perform some further tests with the packages feed ... hopefully I manage to narrow it down even further.

I think I found the problem ... 100% my fault. It seems one should update and install the packages feeds after modifying the kernel config. When first modifying the kernel config and then updating and installing the packages feeds I faced the issue ... in reverse order not. Very strange. Anyway, now everything works.

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