Kmod-rtl8xxxu with edimax ew-7811un

hi there,

I installed lede to one of my raspberry pi b+ with an edimax ew-7811un usb wifi dongle (RTL8188CUS chipset) and decided to test kmod-rtl8xxxu.

however, i keep getting error during the boot up. (i can post bootlog if needed)

did anyone manage to use RTL8188CUS successfully with kmod-rtl8xxxu? if not, what is the recommended package?

rtl8xxxu is a very young driver, covering a large amount of different chipset versions and under quite active development. It might be that the current mac80211 snapshot is simply too old for rtl8xxxu (it probably doesn't really help that rtl8xxxu isn't used in LEDE's main target platforms, routers, so it probably isn't really in the main development focus of mac80211).

Thanks, what is the recommended driver for the time being? I've tried the same configuration with ipFire and performance is pretty impressive.

I have this and used the kmod-rtl8192cu under OpenWrt. It installed the following

Configuring kmod-rtlwifi.
Configuring kmod-rtlwifi-usb.
Configuring kmod-rtl8192c-common.
Configuring kmod-rtl8192cu.

I tried the same, however performance is significantly lower than ipFire. When more than 5 devices connect, basically it becomes extremely slow.