Kmod-rtc-* missing for mt76x8

For whatever reason no "kmod-rtc" files available for mt76x8 in 22.03.5 and in some other builds like snapshot for example.

What is the reason for that I how that could be resolved?

Without having checked if the mt7628 SOC includes an rtc or if there are devices slapping one on the board, what point would providing rtc kernel modules have, if none of the devices have a battery backed rtc (after all these are not devboards with exposed i2c busses)?

If there is a use for (some of-) them on this target, I'm sure patches adding the target dependencies (and potentially DEVICE_PACKAGES) would be accepted. The normal modus operandi usually is to keep everything disabled, until someone raises a valid use case for it.

When i2c is enabled in the DTS users can connect their battery backed i2c based RTC modules, they can "see" them on the bus but they cannot operate them since the kmods are not available.
At the same time such modules are available for mt7621. I see no logic.

Solution found: OpenWRT 22.03.4 mt7628 I2C driver build error - #6 by cppcoffee

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