kmod-mwlwifi - 4.4.92 +

Can you recommend a good driver for my wifi?
I am trying to set up a Hotspot and everything is ok
except for the function of my third wifi radio2.
Looking for a driver that is stable and working well.
Please advice my settings if you se anything wrong or
something you don´t recommend.

I don´t understand the country code US vs country 98.
The Tx-power on radio2 seams odd.
Setting 22dBm (158 mW) and status 15 dBm.
This is thought as my own private wifi with greater Tx-power.
But radio2 seams unstable and unreliable.

Router: Linksys WRT3200ACM
LED Reboot (17.01.4, r3560-79f57e422d)
Installed now:
kmod-mwlwifi - 4.4.92 +

My wifi setup:

Generic MAC80211 802.11nac (radio0)
Country code:  US
Mode: AC
Channel: 36 (5.180 GHz) fixed
Width: 80 MHz
Transmit power: 20dBm (100 mW)

Mode: Master | SSID: MALAPASCUA-5G
BSSID: 60:38:E0:C3:81:B2 | Encryption: None
Channel: 36 (5.180 GHz) | Tx-Power: 20 dBm
Signal: 0 dBm | Noise: -104 dBm
Bitrate: 6.0 Mbit/s | Country: 98

Generic MAC80211 802.11bgn (radio1)
Country code:  US
Mode: N
Channel: 11 (2.462 GHz) fixed
Width: 20 MHz
Transmit power: 20dBm (100 mW)

BSSID: 60:38:E0:C3:81:B1 | Encryption: None
Channel: 11 (2.462 GHz) | Tx-Power: 20 dBm
Signal: 0 dBm | Noise: -104 dBm
Bitrate: 0.0 Mbit/s | Country: 98

I have a problem with my third wifi (radio2) wlan2

"Generic MAC80211 802.11bgnac (radio2)"
Country code:  US
Mode: N
Band: 2.4 GHz
Channel: 1 (2412 MHz) fixed
Width: 40 MHz
Transmit power: 22dBm (158 mW)
Channel: 11 (2.462 GHz)

Mode: Master | SSID: KING-LARS
BSSID: 60:38:E0:C3:81:B3 | Encryption: WPA2 PSK (CCMP)
Channel: 1 (2.412 GHz) | Tx-Power: 15 dBm
Signal: -51 dBm | Noise: -92 dBm
Bitrate: 14.4 Mbit/s | Country: 98

If you are using the official 17.01.4 release, you best bet is the compiled updated driver for that from @eduperez

Pre-compiled updated mwlwifi drivers for stable releases

That has now driver, so 7 months of fixes since 20170606 that you have currently.

What driver should I use?
There are several

Can you confirm that this is driving
works better than i have.
See my problem.

Can someone confirm that this wifi driver
works better than i have.
See my problem please.

Check mwlwifi readme regarding the third radio (phy2). It can case some grief. There is also a thread on this forum regarding the third radio.

Well, the new drivers will work better for the two mainn radios with mwlwifi driver. See the discussion in that thread.

But the third radio uses mwifiex driver and is not really meant for actual use. I keep the third radio disabled.