[kmod] load order producing sch_cake: Unknown symbol

  • kmod-sched-cake provides /etc/modules.d/75-sched-cake
  • kmod-nf-conntrack provides /etc/modules.d/nf-conntrack
  • kmod-nf-conntrack-netlink provides /etc/modules.d/nf-conntrack-netlink

Observed in Master and 19.07 syslogs

sch_cake: Unknown symbol nf_conntrack_find_get (err -2)
sch_cake: Unknown symbol nf_ct_get_tuplepr (err -2)

and errno 2 hints

ENOENT 2 No such file or directory

In the static alphanumerical context of /etc/modules.d/ the nf-conntrack modules getting loaded after sched-cake and causing the error output in syslog.

@tohojo figured:

I.e., if it tries to load the qdisc before conntrack at boot, that will probably fail, but then it tries again later (when the qdisc is applied), and it succeeds?

The printed error might be inconsequential / begin in the greater scheme of things.

@anon45274024 thanks for tracking this down! I see you filled a bug in OpenWrt bug tracker FS#2346, but it was closed by @ynezz as it was a different project and he does not look at it any further.

It got looked into at source code development over at https://github.com/dtaht/sch_cake/issues/119

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