Kmod-fs-cifs not available (Nanopi Neo3, 'FriendlyWRT')


I am trying to get samba shares to work on a new Nanopi Neo3 with 'FriendlyWRT'.
When installing cifsmount, I get: "Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for cifsmount: kmod-fs-cifs".
In luci I see " package kmod-fs-cifs is not available in any repository"

The opkg configuration is pointing to

Firmware Version: OpenWrt 19.07.1 r10911-c155900f66 / LuCI friendlywrt-v19.07.1 branch git-20.101.12886-28fc0fa

Kernel Version: 5.4.40

Anything I can do here?

kmods have to match the built kernel exactly, so you would need to get it from FriendlyWRT.


Why are you trying to use the repo for an old version 19.07.1 instead of the current 19.07.3 release? Apparently that "FriendlyWRT" points there?

It isn't correct for kernel kmods.
Kernel kmods are stored along the firmware images.

Based on the wiki,
the device is sunxi/cortexa53, so the kmods are here:

But as kernel modules need to match the build exactly, you likely need to fetch the correct kmod from the FriendlyWrt site (if that exists).

Other alternative is to install the official Openwrt 19.07.3, so that you can use the OpenWrt kmod repo to install cifs.


I didn't realise / consider that using the regular release would have any chance of working. I would probably prefer it since the 'FriendlyWRT' build has too many things enabled anyway. I will give it a try.
Thanks for the suggestions!

Actually, I am not sure if it works, as you seem to have Neo3, which is not yet support by 19.07.3 (which supported neo2)

I have no idea what is the difference between neo2 and neo3, but possibly I was originally wrong and you need to use FriendlyWrt after all. (and you need to download kmods from their site)

I just got a neo3 (rk3328 cpu). big difference with neo2 (H5 cpu).

I too reached the limits with friendlyarm's renegade fork ( friendlywrt 19.07.01 )
it's so mean and dumb, it hides the kernel from you and makes /overlay out of p2 that you can't undo/skip and you can't change the kernel boot args unless you are Uboot'ing genius with a 1.5M-baud serial port. (not kidding).

do yourself a favor and download and clean-install openwrt's v19.07.03+ if available.
I myself am running the snapshot release on my neo3:

yes, the R2S image works on the neo3 with the rockchip.dtb
(but you have to delete the wan interface you dont have, and swap eth0 with eth1, disable firewall). With the exception of docker, I havent found anything that doesn't work.