Kmod build for ar71xx snapshot missing? (WNDR4300 nand)

Hi there, today I tried the latest snapshot for ar71xx nand just to find out that the kmod package is not being built.

Where Can I see the buildbot log of this to see why is falling and how can I report the issue correctly?

On the other side, I see that the builds are from june 17th does this mean there is something broken with this target?

ar71xx is deprecated. Use the ath79 versions instead.

To enforce that, the ar71xx builds were stopped in buildbot for master on June 17th:

Thanks! ... my device isn't ported to ath79 it's a WNDR4300 nand ... I guess I should go with release 18.06.4 then..


or 19.07 snapshot

(ar71xx will still be built for the forthcoming 19.07 release)

I cannot seem to find that snapshot for my device. Can you send me the link?

It is semi-hidden, as it is officially still just test builds:

great ! will try it :smiley: